Fact: Prawns are seriously healthy!

They are so good for your body, mind... and conscience that we have decided to revamp our Banana Prawns website and make it more attractive, userfriendly and add more easy to prepare and delicious Banana Prawns recipes. So, stay tuned and make sure you visit us again soon!
Here are a few recipes and quick facts for now....

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How to store.

Banana Prawns are snap frozen at sea, then thawed for your convenience at the supermarket, so don't refreeze your Banana Prawns at home.
The best place to store your Banana Prawns is in the coldest part of the fridge - low down and wrapped well to avoid contact with other food.

How to peel.

Peeling prawns is quick and easy. It is slightly easier to peel a cooked prawn rather than a "green" or uncooked prawn, but if you follow these simple steps, it should be fast and fun.

Make sure you have a bowl and a plastic bag or second bowl (for the shells) by a sink in order to rinse your peeled prawns.

Northern Prawn Fishery

The waters of the Australian Northern Prawn Fishery are some of the most abundant — and isolated in the world.

The NPF Industry Pty Ltd is a collective of trawler operators, processors and marketers acting together as a single voice for the industry in the Northern Prawn Fishery. Read More

Banana Prawn Recipes

These are our latest and greated Australian Prawns recipes which we are happy to share.

Australian Prawns & Dill Tarts, Prawn & Fennel Risotto, Spicy Red Australian Prawns Curry, Chilled Prawns with Dipping Sauce,... just to name a few. Yum!